Our resident illustrator painting a portrait of a Young Polish Woman   Jan 05
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Self Portrait #4 (90% finished)
Multiple Views of a Young Mexican Woman (35% finished)
Two portraits of a young Polish woman (60% finished)
Portrait of a Puerto Rican Woman
(85% finished)
Seven-Eighths View of a Mexican Woman
(80% finished)
Portrait of a French Woman
(65% fnished)
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Portrait of a Veiled Woman
(65% finished)
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** Ask About Professional Courtesy Discounts **
We provide custom Oil Color Portraits of family & friends.  We will work from a photograph of that person.  You choose the canvas size.
Average cost per face depends on canvas size:
12 X 16 $125.00
16 X 20 $200.00
18 X 24 $ 350.00
Give us a call (317) 362-3005 or e-mail us!

View our portrait samples below
Portraits of a Central American Teenager and a South American lad
Jeune Femme Avec Un Chat Noire