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Semi-Schematic Diagram of Human Anatomy
Semi-Schematic Diagram of Porcine Anatomy
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We provide custom Medical Illustrations in oil colour, pen & ink and computer-aided design.  We're happy to make scientific art for journal publications, or just for a seminar.  We have also provided medico-legal illustrations.
Current costs depend on media, usually range from
$75.00 to $500.00.
Below are some samples of BCS's work.
Low-Density Lipoprotein & Associated Proteins
Skeletal Muscles, Dorsal View
Lungs Cradling Heart
Symptoms of Respiratory Distress Syndrome ( R. D. S. !!)
Skeletal & Muscular Features of the Human Head & Neck
Book Cover Illustration
integration of photographs & drawings
Pen & Ink Illustration
of the Inner Ear
Oil Color Illustration of
the Human Heart
Oil Color Illustration of Acquired Immunity
Modifications of the
Body Caused by Pregnancy
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