Byrd Creative Services started when our illustrator realized that providing artwork for people should be accompanied with a business license.  BCS has been on file with the State of Missouri since 1998 and in Indiana since 2005.

     Our illustrator was born and lived in Dearborn Heights, Michigan for the first decade of his life.  Afterwards, he lived in Creve Coeur, Missouri.  He spent much of his free time making sketches.  He spends most summers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on Portage Lake.

     After high school, he joined the Marine Corps.  He spent time in 17 countries while in the service--including 1.5 years in Scotland aboard the submarine tender USS Hunley.  He then sailed around the Mediterranean Sea aboard the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea.   During his last year in the service, he sailed to various Far East destinations aboard the USS Denver.  When time allowed, he drew sketches and played guitar.

     A few months after being discharged, just missing Gulf War I, he began university in Columbia, Missouri and attended medical school there.  It was also in Columbia where he learned to fly airplanes at Central Missouri Aviation at Columbia Regional Airport & at TigAir in Booneville.

     During the day, he conducts medical research, acting as an anesthesiologist, pathologist & surgeon; in the evenings and weekends, he illustrates, makes music and teaches Pharmacology & Russian at Indiana University Purdue University--Indianapolis (IUPUI).
Jim (Vuchetich) Byrd
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Japanese Air Defence Officer inspects Corporal Byrd's weapon, verdict: "Ichi Ban!!"
Okinawa, Japan 1989
Jim performing minor surgery
Photo by D. Bowles
The "Byrdman" in Okinawa 1989
photo courtesy Corporal A.J. Monteiro
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If you perform arterial surgeries, you're bound to
get sprinkled once in a while.         20 Dec 07  
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