A detailed view of the painting
Carpe Puellam Pulchram
All Images, Music, Songs & Videos Copyright 1994-2008
Jim (Vuchetich) Byrd
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We will make a custom painting of Your Ideas.  We work with computer illustrations, pen & ink, oil colors, acrylic colors and charcoal.

We've provided logos, cartoons, political cartoons, reproductions, product labels, artwork for clothing and more. 

Current costs depend on your project.  A simple drawing is usually $25.00, a complex product label may cost $500.00 or more.
Call (317) 362-3005.   Below are samples of BCS's artwork
Jim reproducing a
religious painting
Carpe Puellam Pulchram
Politcal Cartoon Oct 2001
Product Label (Beer)
A Scene from the Penultimate Day
(95% complete)
A Neutered Rex Avenges His Loss, Good Bye
Dr. Winkleman DVM!
(there's a dog in the cockpit)
"Sparky the WONDER Pig"
Repro of Homer's
The Herring Net
(45% complete)
Repro of Rembrandt's Girl With Broom
(60% complete)
A sample of our composite digital / photographic artwork:
Arigato Gozaimasu Arisu-san
Fulvia Contemplates Her Reflection in a Sphere of Plutonium Near Critical Mass
(45% complete)
(60% complete)
Incubator Number 12-Gamma, Aquatic Variant
(40% Complete)
Gravity Trap
(85% complete)
Logo for a Cardiovascular Research Lab
Extreme Close-up of Vladimir Lenin (2' x 4')
(91% complete)
The Fly Fisherman
(20% Complete)