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Musical Equipment & Supplies Used by CNS at the Byrd Creative Audio Studio: Alvarez Acoustic and Fender Electric Guitars, Yamaha Keyboard, Tascam Porta 02 MKII 4-Track Mixer, Digitech RP100 Guitar Processor, Shure SM58 Microphone, Panasonic Headphones, Cakewalk Pro-Audio Studio Software, Magix Music Maker Studioware, Sony Acid Music Studio Crate Amplifier, Nero Wave Editor, Yamaha Cables, Creative Sound Blaster A-D Board, Performance Plus Microphone Stands, Sony Bean MP3 Player, Sony Clie Palm Pilot, Z-View Player and Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera
All Images, Music, Songs and Video Clips Copyright Jim (Vuchetich) Byrd 1994-2007 (except where noted)
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Byrd Creative Services is including Audio Production to our list of provided services.  Just as our paintings serve to promote our visual art services, we have our own band, CNS, producing songs to promote our audio services.
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Our studios can provide sound effects, voice-overs, sound tracks & original scores--depending on your particular needs.

Our studios are not open for musical recording, but we can
mix, master and produce your pre-recorded tracks.

In conjunction with our Video Studio, we can provide full visual & audio productions!

                      Call (317) 362-3005 or e-mail us                   for more details!
Images from the Byrd Creative Audio Studio
Posing with electric guitar January 2007
Its a cold February evening outside, but things are toasty in the BCS Audio Studio!
Recording the initial version of
Near the Speed of Light in December 2004
Our CD Design
Piper the Dog takes a break from providing background vocals to chew on one of his favorite bones.
Here's a picture of Piper on security patrol: ensuring that the Audio Studio is safe once again from the threat of Evil Squirrels
Piper and his owner take a well-deserved break during a weekend of recording.