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A clip of Sweet Sister Slav being recorded
Hi Resolution Video
All Images, Music, Songs & Videos Copyright 1994-2008
Jim (Vuchetich) Byrd
except where noted
Here are some clips from Near the Speed of Light
104 seconds of One Hundred-Four Measures
Background Image (Earth)  Courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center
Photo # (AS-17-148-22727) Apollo 17
Background Image  Courtesy of the
Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson
Space Center
Photo #
acs%203) Hubble Space Telescope
Byrd Creative Services is including Video Production.  We're learning the skills needed to produce high-quality videos and effects.
Original Version
Entire Pattern: Take Off -- Landing
Flying Over Missouri River
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Hi Resolution Video
Here's the You Suck Video
Lo Resolution Video
The Adventures of Little Guy, Part I:  El Cerdo Grande !
Hi Resolution Video
Here's a video for: My Tree Frog
(Minha Perereca)
Hi Resolution Video
This is an up-dated version of The Swim, it was created April 2006: Learning to Float
Hi Resolution Video
So you want to hear some classical music? Here's a version of Bach's 2-Part Invention # 13 in A-minor
Hi Resolution Video
Jim describes being attacked by a boar and repairs the wound: Tusked !
Low Resolution Video
* *Shows Blood, Needles & Sutures ! **
Of course its not a miracle, but it is close, its:  Mircle Paint !
Hi Resolution Video
The video quality has been reduced to decrease download time
CNS Music Site
Fly once around the airport in Booneville, Missouri with me:  Flying Jim
Here's an "un-plugged" video for the first half of the song Breathless
High Resolution Video
Multi-Chrome Version
Hi Resolution Video
The entire video clip for Breathless is linked below.
Video Under Construction