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We work with a photograph, or several photographs, and composite the images to create a unique image to your likingWe also have a lot of fun! 

Current costs depend on your project.  A simple project is usually $75.00, a complex product label may cost $200.00 or more.
Below are some of the images we've created.  This technology is powerful enough to create images nearly identical to photographs.  You can see that we enjoy playing with this powerful tool, producing images that you hopefully find entertaining, or interesting in a surrealistic way.  The potential exists to create images that are used for nefarious purposes, such as falsifying evidence, or public humilation.  We will not accept commissions intended for such illicit purposes.
The Dock
Don't Add the Acid Just Yet !
Three Jims
Lunar Swine
Could You Place Me Back on the Hot Plate for a Few Minutes ?
Miata Tour of Roma
CNS CD Cover
High-Speed Tour of Roma
CNS CD Obverse
A Birthday Gift with Piper Dogs
Log Cabin Panorama (with a mistake: "My legs, they took my legs!!" )
Cinematography Page Background