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All Images, Music & Songs Copyright 1994-2008 Jim (Vuchetich) Byrd
This picture won $500 in the NALGENE
LabPix Contest last year.
Jim V. (BCS) was interviewed for the
Hendricks County Business Leader
(March 06), Read the entire article at
their website (page 11) [pdf]
Go to HC Business Leader March 2006 ed.
Byrd Creative's musical group,
CNS, receives recognition for
some of their songs.
Follow the links below.
Audio Studio
CNS Music
Polish girls are okay too...I guess....
Czesc Justyna i Kasia !
Why does Mexico continue to be one of my favourite countries?
Las mujeres jovenes bonitas !!
Jim makes the cover of a magazine:
"Oh, its no big deal, nothing to be proud
cover of a magazine, hehehe...."
Dr. Harris & Jim are interviewed for the
Columbia Daily Tribune
CNS's first CD has been designed,
coincidently by Byrd Creative Services
Halloween 2006: "Devil Wears Prada"
escorts an "
Injured Royal Marine
" to a party.
photo courtesy of Tiki Bob's
photo courtesy of Sarah Moshe
Will this picture win anything this year?
Here's a picture of me and my Miata, I mean, my MX-5 !
Here we are driving around the Colosseum earlier this year.
Or, maybe its all a Photoshop illusion.
My Miata & me reflected in a City Centre building.
At Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport, Missouri during
medical school.  You can see how I spent most of my
$23,000,000 in student loans.
Dateline: July 7th, 2008:
While vacationing in Northern Michigan, Jim designs and constructs a:
Three-String, Fretless, Acoustic-Electric, Bass Guitar
"I  was (happily) surprised that the guitar did not implode when I tightened the strings
for the first time!" --
Jim Byrd
Please visit the BCS Luthier Page for more information.
At the IU School of Medicine Art Exhibition
Jim presented his oil color painting, called:
Portrait of a Puerto Rican Woman,
September 2008.
The National Geographic Channel's Dr. Brady Barr
observes while Jim performs arterial Surgery.
Photos courtesy of Jim Wenzel
The National Geographic Channel's Dr. Brady Barr films HD
video of Jim while he conducts surgery.
Photo courtesy of Jim Wenzel