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If you're looking for a beautiful, perfectly-designed stringed instrument, you should probably look elsewhere.

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Project 2 : Five-Stringed, Acoustic-Electric, Treble-Bass Guitar
Project 1 : Three-Stringed, Fretless, Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar
Project Two was started ~1 month after finishing Project One.  Now that I knew that my construction methods were fairly sound, I could focus on creating more interesting,  aesthetically-pleasing instruments.

I also have more time to plan the various geometries & structure of the instrument with the goal of creating unusual & unique stringed instruments.
Project One was completed in less than two-weeks during my vacation to Northern Michigan.

The main goal in creating this instrument was as a "proof of concept."  I wanted to see if my idea(s) would be structurally-sound and if the instrument would play as a normal guitar.

It did !
Posing with my 60% completed Treble-Bass intermediate guitar.  It will have
5 strings (2 upper-bass and 3 lower treble).
Posing with my recently-constructed,
3-String Fretless Bass Guitar !
I'm getting ready to apply polyurethane to the suspended guitar, 5 yards behind me is Portage Lake, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
I'm getting ready to attach the left  bottom soundboard one nice, warm evening in September 2008.
" Measure twice. . . .".
" . . . cut once ! " Jim working on Project Two in his Luthier Workshop.
Another image of Project 2 during the early stages of construction.
See & Hear the Results
Meet the First Guitar I've Made
Watch & listen to me play the bass guitar that I designed & built.  For this first project, my objective was to create a playable instrument.
Watch a short video clip where I introduce you to the guitar I designed & built
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