An Artistic Study of Facial Characteristics
Have you ever wondered why you are able to tell what ethnic group a person belongs to simply
by looking at their face?  For example, it is fairly easy to identify a person of Asian, Middle-
Eastern, Northern European or Hispanic ancestry, but can we be more specific than that?
** Are there subtle differences that would allow you to distiguish between Koreans, Japanese, or the Chinese?
** Is there any characteristic that would differentiate an Iranian, an Iraqi, or a Turk from an Israeli, Egyptian, or Arab?
** What about the ethnic groups of Europe; wouldn't you expect an Italian and a Croat, living a kilometer apart, to look
      similar to one another?  How much distance is needed before different traits become more apparent?
Obviously, different languages and clothing will usually reveal a person's nationality, but what if we focused solely on facial characteristics
The purpose of this study is to characterize the facial structure of people from various ethnic groups around the world.  A typical portrait takes 10-
50 hours to complete; enough time to become familiar--almost intimately so--with that person's face.. Although it is unlikely that this study will
reveal anything terribly profound, we hope to gain a new appreciation for those minor differences between cultural groups that allow us to know
reasonably well what a person's ethnic heritage is.  Although ethnic mixing is nothing new to human society, the ease of travel and migration in
recent centuries has increased the blending of these ethnic traits.  It is not inconceivable to imagine that in a few centuries, all of these features that
were once unique, will have blended in the melting pot--yielding a homogeneous and bland population, bereft of cultural, racial and ethnic diversity.   
Portrait of a Brazilian Boy
(of Italian descent)
Portrait of an Indian Woman
Portrait of a Russian Woman 1
Portrait of a Chinese Woman 1
Portrait of an Okinawan Woman
Portrait of an English Woman
Portrait of a Mexican Woman 1
Portrait of a Polish Woman 1
Portrait of a Chinese Woman 2
Portrait of a Mexican Woman 2
Portrait of a Puerto Rican Woman
Portrait of a Japanese-American Woman Portrait of a Brazilian Woman
Portrait of a Russian Woman 2
Portrait of a Mexican Woman 2
Portrait of a Polish Woman 2
Portrait of a French Woman